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A Breif About Us :

Kaman cable industry company was established in 1990 and it is one of the well-known cable factory in Iran, located in Zanjan industrial city with 40000 m2 ground. After installation of machinery and providing appropriate equipments, lab facilities, expert man power, Kaman cable was capable in 1992 to convert 15000 tons of copper in to various types of cable meeting national standard certification of local related organization. Ever since, Kaman industrial company has been of the leading cables companies in Iran aiming to product that meet the needs of so many industries. For achieving customer needs in the field of quality satisfaction Kaman industrial company has succeeded to be certified with ISO 9001:2008 and CE marking for local and foreign market goals. By utilization of high quality European machinery, now we can manufacture all kinds of low voltage, telecommunication, control and instrumentation cables according to local and international standard. At the moment we are capable to produce high quality products for oil, gas, petrochemical, power station companies and also constructions projects, and along our manufacturing activities so many projects needs are provided by our product. Owing to advanced equipment and expert, this company laboratory has succeeded to be certified as accredited lab, with Iranian National Standard Organization (INSO) and Kaman cable company has been selected by this organization as glorious company in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014 Now a day our good equipped laboratory is ready for doing tests on cable for cable industries and any other cable customer. in the land having 40000 m2 located at Zanjan. After passing the machinery installation and providing appropriate subtraction steps, this company could achieve operation license with 15000 ton capacity and national standard certification by professional experts at the beginning of 1992. Right now this company is one of the successful manufacturers with the long and good/brilliant background. For as much as quality and customer satisfaction is forefront of all activities therefore this company quickly could achieve ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification in the domestic and foreign market with the high quality and compatible with the goals of costumer. This company has all kind of machinery which made by great European suppliers and can manufactures all kind of wire and low voltage cables and communication cables according to national and international standards such as ISIRI (607, 3569-1, 1926) and IEC, BS, VDE, …. At the moment according to industrial needs such as gas, oil and petrochemical industry, building projects and also public places such as municipals and cultural spaces, this company can performs a rule to serve the power industry by offer production with high quality. The laboratory of Kaman cable cloud achieve certification of laboratory partner from Zanjans' institution of standard and also has been selected by that institution for 2006, 2009, 2011, 2014. This laboratory has advanced equipment and experts and is ready testing according to all kind of industry and costumer needs. [Read More ...]
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Light PVC sheathed cables


Application :

These type of cables are suitable for industrial and wiring in buildings and can be used in dry , damp and wet environments in the open and concealed and also in masonry and concrete . These cables are not suitable for imbedding in solidified concrete and are not permitted for direct using underground.

Construction :

conductor : Annealed copper of class 1 (solid) or of class 2 (stranded) according to IEC 60228 [ ISIRI (3084) ] .

insulation : PVC compound of type PVC/C .

core assembly : The cores are twisted together .

inner covering : The twisted cores are covered by an extruded PVC compound .

sheath : PVC compound of type PVC/ST4 . Sheath color is normally black or grey .

Standard : 60227 IEC 10 [ ISIRI (607) 10 ] with rated voltage 300/500 volt .


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Standards and Awards
  • CE-2015 Standard
  • Industrial quality standard
  • Iran standard
  • ISO
Our Adresses
Head Office Address :No82.3rd Floor.Sanaee St. Tehran.IRAN
Factory Address: No212 - Ordibehesht St. Roozbeh Blv.Industrialtown No 1. Airport Road.Zanjan.IRAN